Silver Uses... Electronics / Electrical / Electroplating

Monetary Metal / Coinage, Bars

Brazing / Soldering
Cloud Seeding
Electronics / Electrical

The use of silver within the electronic industry is widespread and a significant and growing source of demand. Of all the elements, silver is the best conductor of electricity and is used as a comparative measure for the conductivity of all other metals. As such it is applied to all situations where the highest degree of conductivity is required.

Contacts, circuit breakers, switches and fuses are a few of more than dozens of electrical components using silver that are manufactured in the electrical industry. Any motor, appliance or device needing electric current today will have silver points of contact, wiring or circuit boards. Electric components are responsible for about 5% of U.S. silver usage.

Medicine / Medical Applications
Mirrors / Reflective  Coatings
Musical Instruments
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices)
Solar Energy
Water Purification
Wood Preservative


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